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Hamelman's "Bread," second edition is shipping!

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Hamelman's "Bread," second edition is shipping!

My copy arrived today! Just looking at the table of contents, I see a number of new formulas that are calling to me ... Make me! ... No! Make me first! ... 

'Scuse me. Gotta go read.


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Mine came in the mail today, too! Can't wait to try the new formulas. It's nice to see that the 2nd edition keeps the beautiful hand drawn illustrations, and even adds a few more. The layout has also been updated so that the formula charts are easier to read. All the first edition errata have also been corrected - not that this is unexpected, but I didn't want to get my hopes up only to discover that they were overlooked.

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My copy was on my doorstep when I came home.   Lovely to see the new formulas mixed in with old friends.

The German Farmer's Bread looks like a great choice for this weekend.   Long fermentation goes well with a gift wrapping schedule - plus I have a new supply of rye berries I can grind.

Oh happy days!

Also nifty that Debbie Wink vetted the formuals and science for accuracy before publication.  


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Damn it!  Amazon still says "up to a week"!

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The 30 new recipes are worth the price of the book all by myself in my opinion. I've made the Unkneaded Six-Fold French Brad and "Slow Rise" Baguettes in his class and they're sprightly updates of a classic theme. Others have more mix-ins like seeds and cheese. Interestingly, he says he's moving away from high gluten flour and has replaced it with lower-protein flour in several recipes from the original edition.

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Did you say THIRTY new recipes?   Sally starts to feel a little faint....  I do not need another cookbook. I do not. I do not need another cookbook...



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Anybody else got this second edition? Been contemplating whether I should get one, too, but need VERY good reason (= excuse :-P )to buy it because I got 4 new cookery books for X'mas to somehow squeeze into already-completely-full-almost-bursting-at-the-seams (literally) bookshelf. Any info/ review/thought greatly appreciated.

Thanks !  :-)

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Hi lumos

Happy New Year to you!

Please note that Amazon are not offering the book in the UK until late January.

I'm keen to have the new book for 2 reasons.   Firstly, I rate the first book very highly, and secondly my copy of that has completely fallen to pieces.   I cannot advise whether the new version is better or significantly different from the old.   I don't know if you have the first edition.   If you don't, then, yes, this book is well worth buying.   It's the one book I would keep if I had to get rid of all the rest.

Very best wishes


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Hi, Andy. Thanks for the reply and Happy New Year to you, too! 

Yes, I do have the first edition (as wlell as most of must-have books ever mentioned at TFL), of course, but it's not falling apart yet , so I really need a very good reason to buy  the new edition. I've also read the reviews in US market, too, and got mixed impression about this edition. That's why I wanted to hear opinions of TFL members (though I'm suspecting some of the reviews are by TFLers)  who've already got a copy. 


P.S.  Forgot to say...  Would be interested to hear what you think of it when you got the copy. :)





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Not a problem, lumos...

although the original UK date was late November, and it's been put back at least once.   It's due in my hands on 29th Jan, I'll believe it when I get it.

There are some good clues in the above thread...especially LindyD telling us that Debbie Wink has been involved in checking all the science...well that's a real bonus!   Also, new recipes and more lovely drawings by his wife.   And I noted the comment about moving to lower protein flour too...not that I have ever been one for using the Super Strong stuff in the first place.

Take good care