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Building a Bakery Tour: NC, SC, GA, FL...and more?

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Building a Bakery Tour: NC, SC, GA, FL...and more?

I have two weeks vacation starting Dec. 21st...and since I haven't a clue what to do with it (while sticking to a budget)...I thought I'd do a big roadtrip and go seek out the sweeter side of the South. My idea to spend it taking baking classes tanked :-(

I'm starting and ending in Charlotte, NC and would like to stay closer to the equater to avoid driving in snow/ice...and being COLD!

In the Southeastern US...where would YOU want to go? Any bakeries you'd stop at on the way? Great places to get great bread? Beautiful places to hike and see?

Thanks everyone!

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Congaree Swamp is the largest old-growth hardwood forest in the US.  A couple-mile boardwalk and plenty of trails, including canoe trails.  Also, it's free.  So if it gets cold and icy up there in the Blue Ridge, come on down to the Midlands of SC.  And how about changing from a bakery tour to a barbecue tour.  My favorites in this neck of the woods are Little Pigs on Alpine Road in Columbia and Hudson's on US 378 in Lexington.  Hubby and I met on our first date at Little Pigs.  I think he was testing me to make sure I was game.

As to good bread?  I find making it at home is the only decent source 'round here.

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The attached membership list would be a good start in planning your trip:

I lived in the Asheville area for over 12 years.  There is an active sustainable farming initiative (connecting farmer, miller, baker) developing throughout the Carolina's, supported by local millers and bread bakers. 

- Sharon