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Cinnamon toast to go

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Cinnamon toast to go

Cinnamon toast..,well yeast in general is a comfort food at work
If we are on the verge of collapse we look at each other and say " I need toast!"

It is crunchy Xanax for stressed out nurses, doctors ect..
So tomorrow is a going away for a dearly loved girl

I am making her lemon cheesecake squares

But I want to bring cinnamon toast
We have a toaster

But can I step this up to a nice breakfast appetizer that can sit out stay crunchy ? I have on the counter a couple of thawing loaves of basic WW sandwich bread
Unsalted butter and fresh cinnamon sugar

I was thinking croustini but the technique for that done right eludes me still

Any ideas, you guys are awesome thank you!

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I'm not really sure what you are looking for but I make cinnamon toast by coating a slice of bread with a thin layer of butter making sure to get all the way to the edges. Then sprinkle with cinnamon sugar and place on a sheet pan and put it under a slow broiler and browning it slowly. It will be crisp on the top side and soft on the bottom. We eat ours right away, I'm sure how well it would travel.

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That is how I usually do it thanks for trying.
And we do eat it right away

I kind of want a cookie cracker thing

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sound like a healthy treat.   A much better alternative is to take brioche, toast it, then quickly cover it in spreadable chocolate ganache with mini marshmallows on top and then another piece of toasted brioche :-)  Most of time I don't waste the time and effort to even toast the brioche and  just build it and put it in the microwave for 20 seconds !  Well, OK.  Maybe it isn't as healthy as cinnamon toast but it would make for a nice contrasting counterpoint - No?

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How about the recipe for Cinnamon Bread in Bread Baker's Apprentice?  It tastes great even if untoasted and could probably sit out for a while (though it probably won't last long, since it is so tasty!).

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I have that book and forgot about that bread it is or would have been perfect! Thanks! There is q brunch coming up I will make toast then as well.

Something about the way toast smells makes a person want to suck their thumb and twirl hair I think

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That is hysterical! And quite true! About the " too healthy " part

and speaking of chocolate
We opened our molding chocolate last so my husband could practice a batch tempering ( he drive me nuts but can temper chocolate perfectly)
At work we are moving an entire womb to the tomb healthcare clinic
Into a and brand new clinic with a brand new system, on a Monday

So opening that chocolate last night is for me a very slippery slope

I made a huge pan of lemon cheesecak bars so that should help as well

The toast was kind of a joke because we are loosing a wonderful nurse
I feel one of my limbs has to transfer

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Mini Oven

I'd go there...   I think you could turn out a dough quickly and bake up this beauty.