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New Chad Robertson book in the pipeline

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New Chad Robertson book in the pipeline

Just sharing some news: It looks like one of our TFL favorites, Chad Robertson, is working on a new book:

(Excerpt from an interview:

Finally, you're working on a new book. The focus is on new grains and retooling old recipes?
Yes, new grains, more whole grains. It's going to be split up between bread and pastry, more or less evenly. It's our ten year anniversary, so in that spirit of making things better, we're trying to force creativity by taking the classic recipes in a different direction. It's about taking the basic technique and taking it somewhere else. We're using some different ingredients, more whole food sugars. People would obviously say it's a lot healthier, but that's really not what's driving us. For me, it's about, again, creating different layers of flavor by using less refined ingredients.

If I think about it, I'm trying to experiment in a way that a lot of my chef friends or influences are. There's a lot of that going on now in Scandinavia. At Bar Tartine, they're making ponzu out of beer, at Faviken they're making misos out of their own beans. We're all playing around just to get more flavor, and also revisiting ancient techniques.

When is it coming out?
It's coming out fall of next year. It's with Chronicle. I'm working with a designer in New York, but mostly it's me and my team from Tartine. The deadlines suck, but the experimentation and the research are a blast.