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ITJB FR Week 6 Onion Kichel pg. 238

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ITJB FR Week 6 Onion Kichel pg. 238

We 3 sisters, baked Onion Kichel today... crackers! This was a fun bake and Helen and I stayed with the recipe in the book totally. Our creative oldest sister Barb, put Montreal Steak seasoning and cracked red pepper in hers... Below are the pictures... Fun times, Fun to be doing this together each week. We do spend a good deal of time comparing and contrasting recipes and results. 

This recipe makes quite a bit of crackers... I am thinking that we could have made them a bit bigger and they still would be very good. That way you could use them for horsdoreuves and tuna snacking.


Helen's snack with cheese and wine ;-)     

 Barb has added some cream cheese also, and that apple could figure in there... 

I have quite the homemade spread... some non-fat homemade cream cheese, and homemade jalapeno jelly... and the onion kichel... yummy treat... All in all a fun day, Helen mentioned that her apprentices love the crackers also and were begging for the wine! 

Next week it will be Montreal Bagels, meet us on page 100 as we indulge our baking-selves together again. See you here!



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where ever you gma's are baking!  Homemade; CC, jalapeno jelly, wine, fruits and Onion Kichel.  If you make bigger ones for tuna snacking I would expect you go catch your own blue fin just to make sure it is good enough for those fine crackers :-)

Love your weekly posts!  Bake.....eeerrrr....Fish  On!

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We are all a bit of a drive from the ocean... and then by the time we drove home... the freshness would have slipped a bit! LOL... thanks for the positive response. We enjoy baking together and seeing the comments on the posts... makes our amateur baking seem a bit more polished! Thanks again.


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Yesterday evening I made teh Onion Kichel using scallions.  My bunch of onions chopped down to only 74 grams, so I used the baker's percentage column and a calculator and it went like a dream.  My cutting was haphazard as can be seen below, but they tasted good, especially after I sprinkled more salt on the top just before baking.

Cheers  Nici

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using the scallions! I can imagine that they would add a bouncy fresh taste. I think I over-peppered mine so a little went a long way. What I like about this challenge is the end product of course but also that it takes me out of my comfort zone. The barley bread and the Montreal Bagels would not have been baked by me, and as it turned out each one will be a favorite. Case in point, there is one lonely bagel left!