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Catch-up baking

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Catch-up baking

I know I've been slacking on the posting lately, so here's my pictures post of some recent breads I've done.

Dmsnyder's SF sourdough take IV (

Changes: replaced all flour for Central Milling's type 70 high extraction flour.  Bulk ferment pre-shape instead of post-shape.  Baked in a dutch oven.
This one turned out quite sour, not quite boudin-sour, but still very nice.

Monkey Bread:

Using my house sweet dough, balls of dough are dipped in butter then rolled into chopped walnuts and raw sugar.
Baked into a bunt pan covered in butter and sprinkled with sliced almonds.

xfarmer's sourdough Croissants: (

They came out a bit toasty, my oven runs a tad hot.  Made a few into breakfast sanwiches.  Sharp cheddar with egg and ham, served with some nice coffee (dab of cream)


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was trying to make his SFSD pretty sour and he (and you ) succeeded!.  This is one of our 3 favorite breads that David perfected to go along with his San Joaquin and Pugliesi Cappriosso.  As soon as it gets into the 70's here we will give Ying's croissants another go, last time we did then in the summer and it was dicey to say the least:-) Monkey Bread must be the fastest disappearing bread ever invented too and yours was half gone before you could get a picture of it :-)  I'm pretty sure a magician invented it.

Nice baking.

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Thanks David!  I've been working pretty hard to get the croissants down, and this time I was closer than ever, but I got the butter too cold between rollings, so some of the butter broke apart during rolling.  My SO is dieting to fit into a dress soon, so no more croissant attempts for me for a while (just pan de muerto, with day of the dead coming up).