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House sweet dough

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House sweet dough

House sweet dough

This sweet dough is a mixture of two recipes; The brioche recipe from the Tartine bread book, but with the percentages of butter, eggs, and hydration scaled back to similar percentages as  Richard Bertinet's sweet dough (My favorite yeasted basic sweet dough).   I use this dough for most of my basic sweet dough pastries, some of my favorites are Monkey Bread, Cinnamon Rolls, Orange/lemon sticky buns, fake croissants (in this case with chocolate), Fruit braids, etc. 

Details on the starter/poolish: Chad Robertson advocates the use of "young" levian and poolish, with less fermentation time than more "mature" starters, using them right when they float in water.  I admit that I use them whenever it works best with my time schedule usually between 6-8 hours.  The starter is a 100% hydration, fed with a 50/50 mix of AP flour and whole wheat flour.

For people who like Yeast Water, I think this one would translate very well to YW + SD, with YW used instead of poolish (I'm looking at your dabrownman).  Pictures are of cinnamon rolls and fake chocolate croissants, dough also made an apple/cheese braid which is not pictured.  Baked at 375.

200g Poolish
150g Tartine Style starter (100% hydration, Whole wheat/AP)
210g Milk (Scalded and cooled)
50g Butter
50g Sugar
100g (2) Eggs
20g (1) Egg Yolk (retain the white for glazing/frosting)
500g Flour
12g Salt


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sweet dough.  It is like the dough we used for our YW/SD rolls we posted this week except this is more eggy, has sugar in it and is 60% hydration rather than 75%.  I think this can be converted over to SD/YW in a blink of an eye and make a fine sweet dough.  With the holidays right around the corner we will have to make it into cinnamon rolls, monkey bread and who knows what else.  With some cream cheese you could probably make rugelach out of it.

Did you let the shaped dough rise on the counter or in the fridge overnight?

Those croissants would work well with our mince meat filling too.  Do you stuff your croissants with anything?    We love fruit cheese braids too!

Nice baking.

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I did a counter rise for this paticular bake, but have let it have a bulk ferment in the fridge before when there's no time to bake them that day.

For the monkey bread with this dough I usually chop up some walnuts and mix them 2:1 with large grain raw sugar, cut off quarter sized pieces of dough, dip them in melted butter then roll the buttered dough in the sugar/walnut mix.  I put these in a buttered bunt pan with sliced almonds on the outside.  Comes out wonderful each time.  I'd love your mincemeat recipe, these would be awesome with mincemeat filling.