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Some scientific validation for health claims about sourdough bread

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Some scientific validation for health claims about sourdough bread

So here is a credible scientific study where they start to validate claims that it is possible for sourdough bread to have a reduced glycemic index and may be better tolerated (digestively) by some people with celiac disease. This was dated 2002 but I have never seen this study.

It is a lot to wade through but I am encouraged to see real science used to study this subject.

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I had a conversation with an aquaintance earlier in the year during which she reported suffering Coeliac-type symptoms after eating regular shop-bought breads, but no such symptoms after after eating sourdough. At the time my Googling failed to turn up much background on this phenomenon. Many thanks for posting this link!


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just what I was looking for.


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I read some info about this in "The Art of Baking With Natural Yeast" by Caleb Warnock and Melissa Richardson, I was very curious if anyone visiting TFL had noticed health benefits from switching to sourdough, or wild yeast water baking instead of mass produced store bought bread.  I have a friend who, like me, recently read about this too;  she is now baking with wild yeast water and reports better digestability.