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Barley groats, hulled millet, black sesame seeds, acorn starch, powdered barley malt and duck eggs

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Barley groats, hulled millet, black sesame seeds, acorn starch, powdered barley malt and duck eggs

Barley groats
hulled millet
acorn starch
powdered barley malt
duck/hen eggs ( just tossing that in because my flock are producing like crazy! All bakers should have ducks!)

All (but the eggs of course), are leftovers from various projects.
I am purging the larder as I put the fall harvest away.
On the counter there now is this pile of items, my brain is tired and blank, help would be appreciated?

What the heck did I need the acorn starch for? I have only eaten it as Korean banchan in jellied cubes! Maybe I should try to make the banchan.
It would be fun to put them all together ( I have a full compliment of baking items, nuts,seeds, flours ect to make all this work, but only sourdough for yeast)
I know that may not be possible to mix them all up. Ideas for any of these things together or alone, would be very helpful?
We work hard at frugal so I try hard to avoid waste. But there always seems to be " later" and now " later has come.
I love to prove that frugal baking can be fabulous baking!
Thank you so much

Also If you too have leftover bits and want ideas? Or am I the only one who stares at a pile like this and say " what the heck?

Thanks in advance

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just made a multigrain bread to use up all the pits and pieces of leftover grains.   No acorn starch in it though :-)

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Check out DA's posts and mine.  Both of us have plenty of multi-grain sourdough recipes that you could use most of those ingedients in easily.

I just posted one today that you could certainly adapt your ingredients to.

If you need any help adapting let me know.

Good luck.

P.S. Acorn starch?  That's a new one to me :).  I'm sure the squirles in my backyard would love some of that!

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I would:

1. Start some beer brewing from the barley malt.
2. Make a big omelet with the duck eggs.
3. Cook the barley groats for use as a rice replacement.
4. Ditto the hulled millet.
5. Make halvari from the sesame seeds.
6. Stiffen some limp acorns with the acorn starch.

Seriously, here is a link to a quick-bread loaf recipe by Alton Brown.  It uses barley flour and eggs.  The malt could be used as an alternative to the honey for a sweetener.  Someone posted in the remarks that a little cornstarch helped the consistency, so there is a use for the acorn starch.  I can't see why substituting a little millet flour for some barley flour would hurt, and some sesame seeds would go nicely on top of the bread.  Problem solved.  *smile*

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Mini Oven

of these dry ingredients to your sourdough starter, might want to blend with wheat to know when it's peaking.

Barley malt seems to keep forever -- not in a hurry to use that one up.  Active or not?

I think the gelled cubes is a good idea, my acorn flour got rancid before I figured out what else it was good in.

Millet can be used to make a quiche crust and fill it with a saute onion eggs mixture.  Sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Boil the barley groats in the rice cooker and eat for breakfast warm with cream and cinnamon sugar. 

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We had a tragic weekend, one of our beloved rescue dogs had to be put Down, (breaking.. even further if possible , our already heavy hearts) so I never got back to this I am sorry.
Great and funny suggestions,
You guys are terrific! as soon as I can manage to pull myself together ( I humanize my animals) I will get back to the fall purge.
now, I am consumed by the thoughts of cruelty and disregard for animals as well as the agony of having to say " good bye" yet again to a dog who should not have been born. This takes my family ( as well as all of you who take in rescues..I bet we have many animal lovers on this board) down a very painful road each and every time we take an unwanted animal in.
We have always taken in animals and kids, it is still such a mix of incredible pain and pure joy. But I am wondering if we can take this pain or if it is worth it anymore. such heartbreak this is, she was so beautiful and full of joy. But due to severe genetic issues, her quality of life had deteriorated to the point it was " for whom are we keeping her here for?"

Thank you again, sorry to be such a bummer.

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when we rescue animals and kids... we create "heaven on earth" for those who know what hell really is... whatever time they have with us and us with them is a blessing to all. God Bless you for those you have rescued... may your heart be open to the joy of more.  When you look into their eyes, the trust, and the love...ahhh... remember those. We miss them so, but there are so many who need our care.  I too miss many, but will love more. 

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sister   Heidela, I hope your heart can find the way to the happy memories stored up from the love of your friend.  We who share in the lives of animals, kids, and even the inanimate but still living things in our lives know a bittersweet joy. No earthly treasure could take the place of that first tentative look or smile when animals and children  know that they are safe at last. Whatever gift of time we have to offer them is well spent, for them and for us. I have heard it said that when you look into the eyes of one you love, you see reflected a vision of your own soul. Bless you for caring....

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I'm so sorry to hear about your loss.  I have 5 rescue cats who mean the world to my wife and myself.  One of our cats Cosmo has a death sentence hanging over him as he has a cogenative heart disease issue which should have killed him by now.  We cherrish every day we have with him and wouln't have changed a thing.  He only came to us due to another kitten we were going to adopt ended up escaping from the house he was staying at so we decided to look for another cat.  Cosmo wasn't even in the regular cat area at the shelter since he was being de-wormed and if it wasn't for my wife insisting to know where the cute cat we had called up about was we never would have ended up with him.

It is the hardest thing to say goodbye to the animals that we love who bring so much joy into our lives and don't ask much in return except for a place to stay safe and some food and love.


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Wow thank you
Don't we all want our last memories to be good ones?
I really try to make a fun, happy home. Watching my animals and baking bread, help me keep sanity, stay employed and remain good at my career.
I blurted all that out before I put my " filter" on for work this morning

then was totally embarrassed and wondered if I could run back and delete it.
I am glad I didn't delete it! I am so grateful for every single word you all took the time to post! It honestly, truly helped. I can not stop crying because I know know!
It is way to easy to jump on the bad...right?
But I just imagined us all with our animals, our love and kindness, our homes are havens and as painful as it is.
We just keep doing it because we have to!
our poor boy dog is on Prozac and have Xanax as back up ...if you have EVER been around a sobbing depressed anxious pitty with abandonment issues, you will really understand! No I do not humanize animals?
Thank you so much again

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I am glad you are feeling better.

PS. It is our animals that humanize us.


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Thank you so much The house is way too quiet with out my pretty red dog!
We are going to adopt again soon just waiting for the right match
My boy dog kept running with a stick in his mouth yesterday, trying to engage the antisocial dog next door and walked back with his sad bully face when there was no reciprocation.

Now how on earth do I make a pie crust out of hulled millet?

I will try the barley groats straight up cooked and see how that goes, I love soup barley. Maybe use it in cookies like oats?

I am going to try the old school method of dipping eggs in wax and storing them in the garage. Last year the ducks and hens were prolific with egg production but who knows this year.

Besides challah and brioche any really eggy breads out there I have missed?

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Mini Oven

Oopsie bread