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CA Governor Brown signs new Cottage Food bill

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Just Loafin

CA Governor Brown signs new Cottage Food bill

"A new law will lift restrictions on the sale of home-cooked treats and impose sanitation and labeling requirements on the burgeoning cottage food trend.

Gov. Jerry Brown announced Friday that he signed AB1616, known as the Homemade Food Act. The Democratic governor described it as one of several bills that will “make it easier for people to do business in California.”

Democratic Assemblyman Mike Gatto of Los Angeles said he wrote the bill in response to a growing trend of clandestine bakers and cooks. He cited the case of a Los Angeles man ordered by health officials to stop selling bread he baked each week in a backyard oven.

The bill excludes products that contain meat and cream. It establishes inspection, training and cleanliness requirements, including hand-washing and gloves."

Source: AP

Musings - Thought I'd never live to see the day... ; D

Oh, and, Hi everyone! = ))

- Keith

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Good to hear and, yeah, who would have thought?  Maybe there's hope after all...


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I was floored, this now ends my search for a commercial kitchen!!!!!

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Hank Gurdjieff

I'm not in a position to try this yet, but please share your experience if you try. And best wishes!

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Here are some details on this food law, which will go into effect in January: