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inside the jewish bakery questions

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inside the jewish bakery questions

Just got my copy of ITJB. Went to the website and checked the errata. Mine must be a newer printing since alot of the items had been corrected. There were a few items that I need clarification on though. They are listed below in the form of page/recipe/replace/with/whats in my copy. If Stan or one of the challengers could clarify that would be helpful.

page/recipe/replace/with/whats in my copy

101/ montreal bagel/ 1lg egg/ scant 1/3cup egg/ 3tbsp egg

163/ babka dough/ bread flour, unsifted listed twice/ which is right?

181/ sour cream cake/ b.soda 285g/ 2g/ 3g

259/ cheese filling/ 2lg egg/ 1/2 lg egg/ 2tbsp egg

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Mine is an early first edition with all errata data filed:

Page 101 (Montreal Bagels) lists only 1 large egg

Page 163 (Babka Dough)I have only these changes:

Replace text:  Bread flour 11.0 oz with Bread flour 12.0 oz (340 grams)

Replace text:  2 large eggs, beaten (0.1 oz/2grams/.04 %) with 1/2 cup eggs, beaten (4.0 oz/115 grams/20.0%)

Replace text:  Ground cardamom 12.0% with Ground cardamom 1.0%

Page 181 (Sour Cream Cake)

Replace text:  Baking soda 10.0oz/285 grams with Baking soda 0.1 oz/2grams

Replace text:  Sour cream 0.1oz/2grams with Sour cream 10.0oz/285grams

Page 259 (Cheese Filling)

Replace text:  2 Large Eggs with 1⁄2 Large Egg


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what is the correct flour for babka i have it listed twice with different quantities for both?

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The egg for montreal bagel says 35grams thats about half a large egg. I tpyically use 50grams for a large egg. I just weighed a large egg and it came out to 58 grams. So, im going to leave the 3 tbsp measure alone. It says to replace it with a scqnt third cup but half an egg isnt a third cup. I just need the babka flour mesure now.

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Was just reading through the babka recipe and there are supposed to be two flour quantities. Sorry, shouldn't have jumped the gun. I cant wait to get in on the baking challenges now.