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Best Material (Stone/Brick) for Baking Pizza and Bread

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Best Material (Stone/Brick) for Baking Pizza and Bread

I have built a dome-shaped oven for my backyard kitchen and just deciding what material to buy for the actual cooking surface. I have heard alot about Fibrament-D baking stones, but also many people have mentioned that simply some fire bricks work very well.

Im concerned with three things



-good results (taste)


Please tell me whats best..

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I don't have a WFO but in my ovens I've used both pizza stones and a Fibrament-D  and definitely prefer the Fibrament.  It is very durable (I've had pizza stones crack) and holds the heat better. 

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Thomas Parr

I have a wood fired oven and have "Fire Bricks" for the floor.  Pizzas or bread may be placed directly on the floor.


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You don't say that your oven is wood fired and I get the sense that you have it done already and just want to put something down to be the baking surface. Tell us more. What do you mean by "dome-shaped oven"?  Is it finished or in progress? Typically for a wood fired oven you build the hearth first out of fire brick and then build the oven on top of that.