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Spiral Mixing

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Spiral Mixing

Hi, I've just been given a spiral mixer but i'm having some trouble getting used to it. I've never used one before and all kneading was done by hand up until now.


Does anyone know what sort of kneading times i should be looking at for a standard 60% hydration white dough? It almost feels perfect after 3-4 minutes but i just can't get my head around such a short process?


Any advice would be appreciated, this is a very new foray in to professional baking with a huge learning curve from that of a home baker!

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Hello Jack_Door,

To give decent answers to your questions, can you supply the following information:

  • What is the cpacity of your machine?
  • How many speeds does the machine have?
  • Does the bowl rotate in only one direction, or can you set it to run both clockwise and anti-clockwise?



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The dough will tell you when it's ready. Not knowing the bowl capacity in relation to the batch size, and the rotation speed, I don't think anyone can say with certainty how long to mix.

Going from hand kneading to a spiral mixer is like going from jogging to driving a Ferrari. If it looks and feels right after 3-4 minutes, it probably is.

BTW: Give whomever (or is it "whoever?" I can never remember that) gave you that mixer a huge hug!


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Hi Guys, thanks for the response. It's a 42 litre mixer, single speed, bowl and spiral turn in opposite directions. 

I've been playing aroung with it and find that 8 minutes mixing with a slightly higher hydration gives one of the silkiest white doughs i've ever made so very happy!