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Community Oven Insights

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Community Oven Insights


I've just become involved in a community oven project.  We had our first bake last weekend and while it was a success (all baguettes sold!), it was a learning experience and there is definitely room for improvement.  I was wondering if anyone had any resources, or would be willing to connect/share advice regarding the organization of volunteers, oven use, timing of bread production/baking, or even recipes that have worked for you.  There seems to be a dearth of resources available with regards to the organization of community oven projects, although I'd rather connect with individuals than reading from a website anyway.

Thanks in advance.


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Our Crumb

I am thrilled to hear that these actually exist somewhere -- that folks have revived the old European practice of firing up a community oven once a week (or more) to which families bring their doughs ready for baking.  I had a vision of such a thing, either a proper deck oven (to which home bakers crave access) or, like the church program above, a wood-fired one -- even better.  I've thought about trying to organize such a thing where I am but...other priorities.

Great idea!  Best of luck with it!



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Carbondale Comm...

Carbondale Community Oven can be found on Facebook. Go to our page of that name and see photographs of our most recent bake.  Our oven is now one year old!