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Artisan Bread article in New York Magazine

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Artisan Bread article in New York Magazine

I thought this was an interesting article on artisinal bakers in New York City, which includes some history on the artisanal baking movement. If you look at the bottom of page 3 there are several related articles, including an eye-opener about Jim Lahey, "The Mad Baker of Sullivan Street." He's a bit rough around the edges...!

One of the loaves featured is a buckwheat-pear bread. Seeing it inspired me to bake one of my favorites -- a buckwheat-apple sourdough with hard apple cider. I baked it today and hope to post it tomorrow.

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I didn't know that Norm Berg's son is also a bread baker. His baking is among those referenced in the NY Times Mag article. Cool!

There's even a very brief but positive mention of ITJB!


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I'm glad you enjoyed the article, David! And glad you mentioned ITJB; I had forgotten that part.


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read on the current NY bread baking scene.  Couldn't miss the pears!  They must be hot - with buckwheat!