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bread slicer recommendation

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bread slicer recommendation

Can somebody recommend a good bread knife, or bread slicer?  I find that my crusts are sometimes very difficult to cut through and get nice, even slices, though I do have a fairly sharp serrated knife.  I was poking around on Amazon to see about either an electric knife, or a a bread slicer.    Anybody have anything they really like?  

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My electric knife, its a black & Decker and it came with 2 sets of blades (one is longer than the other set) and it works pretty good. Its a simple one nothing special, but it does the job.


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Some good bread knifes:

Tojiro ITK Bread Knife 

MAC Superior Bread Knife 

Wusthof Super Slicer 

Sorry, I can't provide direct links to the knives.  But goto Cutlery and More and to their Bread Knife selection.  Much better choices than Amazon.  The scalloped edges are nice for cutting through thick crust, and the don't tear up the bread like the more common serrated knives.

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When I buy knives, my go-to brand is Global. If you buy more expensive brands as a home cook, you're paying for brand name and nothing else, because as a home cook you're not using those more expensive sets to their full potential. It's much like commuting to work every day in a Humvee. Yeah, it'll do the job, but really you're just saying "look at what i have".

Globals will last a home cook forever as long as you keep them honed and have them sharpened every year.

If you're looking for more uniform slicing, a deli slicer is an excellent investment. I use a Chef's Choice slicer, It sees frequent use in my household.