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Paid internship/summer Job?

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Paid internship/summer Job?

I am almost finished with my penultimate semester of school (second to last). I am looking for summer work in a bakery or a paid internship. I will be available from the second week in april until the beginning of september (2012). I need some real bakery experience, however I also need the money to help pay for school. My degree after my final semester will be a BS in University Studies (Liberal Arts) with minors in Culinary Arts and Spanish and a cluster in education.

I live in Idaho (but am willing to travel elsewhere depending on housing arrangements) and I have taken the following courses:


Cake decorating

Advanced Cake Decorating



Culinary Fundimentals

Culinary Nutrition (with a Servsafe License).


If you guys have any ideas that would be greatly appreciated. I also have a Resume prepared just in case. Thanks!