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Bread Bakeries

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Bread Bakeries

Alright, I'm heading from Tacoma, WA over to North Dakota via I-90 and I-94, I would really like to stop at a couple of bakeries on my way through Montana.  If you happen to know of any fantastic places, please let me know.  Thank you for any suggestions.


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but if your route goes through Kalispell, you simply must stop at The Back Home Bakery.  Mark Sinclair, a long time TFL contributor, started it a little over three years ago, and has blogged pretty extensively about it here.   It would be a chance to get some really great bread, and if you contact him ahead of time you might be able to get a tour too (but that is up to him of course).

Travel safe


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We stopped at Wheat Montana's bakery/deli on the way home from a week's internship at The Back Home Bakery in Kalispell.  If your trip isn't a one-way type, stop on the outbound leg for something to eat.  Then, on the way home, stop again for baking supplies.


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If you decide to visit Kalispell, turn left at Missoula.  You'll have to drive about 125 miles to get there and this time of year it never gets above freezing (and is more likely to be below that mark) but it might be worth it for a nice warm loaf of bread.  But when you go through Billings, you should try this place:


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Four years ago I stopped to have coffee in FF, MN, on I-94, at a little bakery there, The Falls Baking Co.  I met the baker and his wife, and was introduced to the novel idea of running a bakery in a small town that, up to that point, didn't have any good bread.  They have a website.