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Interesting research article about the Gluten reducing qualities of Natural sourdough fermentation

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Interesting research article about the Gluten reducing qualities of Natural sourdough fermentation

Before I say anything this article should be taken as INFORMATIONAL ONLY!!!!!!. I don't want to imply that persons with Gluten sensitivity can consume breads from grains containing gluten simply because they have undergone a sourdough fermentation.

The following link details a study done in Italy showing reductions in Gluten, showing original gluten at almost 75000 ppm, reduced to 12 ppm after sourdough fermentation. It shows hope of new sources of nutrition, from sources such as wheat, rye etc, for Gluten intolerant persons.

The methods mentioned in this article are way beyond the home enthusiest, at least any that I know of.

I originally posted this in the sourdough section but thought it might be of some interest here.

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A very informative article, thanks.  It confirms much of what I have suspected through first hand experimentation.


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Stuart Borken

Now I would like someone to help me with some ideas about lactose intolerance.  I won't go to France on a vacation because I think everything is made with milk and cream and cheese.  If I eat one piece of bread made with milk I want to die 4 hours later and that goes on for 2 1/2 hours.  The pills don't work.  The drops don't work.  Avoidance works.  Did you know that meat loaf is made with milk?  Italian meat balls are made with cheese and milk?  Many store bought breads use skim milk powder as a filler and dough conditioner?  Almost all pastries are milk and cream, sour cream and cream cheese based as well.  I bought a tuna sandwich at a chain take-out and had an attack 4 hours later.  I called corporate and asked if milk was in their tuna salad?  "No", they said, "But, if you had the tuna on whole wheat that is make with skim milk powder, the white bread roll is not make with any milk product so order that next time".

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