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Polish Bread and Bakery Links (Polski Chleb)

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Polish Bread and Bakery Links (Polski Chleb)

Hi Everyone,

Unfortunately, I haven't been a regular contributor to the forum, but I'm a daily observer and just love learning new things about bread.  As I get settled and start baking again, I hope to contribute a little more often.  I currently live in Warsaw, Poland, and just can't get enough of the wonderful breads here.  I followed up on some of the bakeries that I found near by, and I'm glad to see that they've got a home on the web too!  These are some bakery and TV links (with short videos in Polish), but definitely worth a look.  The product galleries are also nicely displayed.  Hope you enjoy!

(My daily bakery):



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thanks so much for posting


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These are some really interesting links - I love to see inside bakeries and how different they can be.  The links you have posted are a great glimpse at what I am sure are some really great bakeries with high quality mass production artisan breads - I only wish I could sample some of the products in person.  My older brother is now living in Zurich and tells me of all the delicious breads, pasteries and candies that he now has ready access to.  I certainly wish America had more opportunities for "REAL" breads instead of the Walt Disney want-a-be's and grcoery store warm-ups.  I know good bread in America is available but not just common enough as it seems to be in Europe - I guess that is one reason we all bake our own. 

Again, thanks for taking time and sharing these links.