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Your favorite butter for spreading?

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Your favorite butter for spreading?

What are your favorite butters for slathering on top of fresh-baked loaves? I personally enjoy Kerrygold for its rich, fatty flavor, though one could easily argue that the flavor overwhelms the subtle fragrances in the bread. Also, does anybody know of a good internet source for French butters (such as Bordier)?

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thomaschacon (not verified)

But it's infrequent. I always grab a couple of pounds when I see it (@$13/lb!)

I like Kerrygold too. Horizon Organic is my second choice, but only because I can actually find it. I prefer Cabot (Vermont) over both of these, but can't find it in Colorado.

Saveur published an entire issue on butter, Issue 109. You can buy the issue on It lists a bunch of top-quality foreign and domestic butters (and domestic sources for some of them).

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Barbara Krauss

One pint of whipping cream, which has been sitting out overnight at room temperature

One mason jar with lid

One marble

Place the cream and a glass marble inside the jar, fasten the lid, and shake the cream firmly and rythmically for about 300 shakes, once per second. Rinse with water and enjoy. 

The marble is optional, but it helps in agitating the cream.  

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has non equal if made with the right heavy cream. In my opinion, of course! Among butters the french President, danish Lurpack and german Meggle make me drool.