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Zweiback, or something else?

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Zweiback, or something else?

I've been making my basic wholewheat ciabatta for years; I can do it on autopilot. Yesterday, my autopilot failed when I was trying to proof bread AND do the laundry. I formed the bread into boules for the last rise and ... forgot about it. Hours later, after the laundry had been folded and put away, I looked into the kitchen and freaked. I baked the "loaves" anyway. They spread out and are 1-1/2 inches high :) They are somewhat coarse, but don't taste at all bad.

I was thinking of turning them into zweiback. Slicing them 1/2 inch thick, laying them out on a cookie sheet, sprinkling with cinnamon sugar, baking at 225 for one hour, turn over, sprinkle with sugar again, another hour, zweiback. (Recipe from King Arthur)

But perhaps this is not the best way to use my sad flat "loaves." What would you do?

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there's always croutons, breadcrumbs, or "altus" :)