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Spelt bread, cold rised?

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Spelt bread, cold rised?

I have tried cold rising a couple of times with very different results..

I want to make a spelt bread, does anyone have a recipe for cold rised spelt bread?

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I have always been advised from other bakers and from Vita-Spelt, our supplier of organic spelt flour for the bakery that spelt typically sees a fast proofing time, and to obtain the best flavor a poolish or biga of the spelt flour is recommended. I have found this to be pretty true. Though I have not made an entirely natural levained loaf of spelt, if you were to modify an existing spelt recipe to have a long preferment and little to no yeast, mixing to only a short development of gluten. I could see no harm using stretch and folds during the bulk phase to build up strength and then doing a cold final proof.

Just my thoughts, then again I maybe wrong but I think it would be worth a shot at least.

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This recipe, Karin's (really delicious!) Dinkel-Walnussbrot (Spelt Walnut) bread, is mixed then retarded in bulk before dividing, shaping, proofing. Don't know if this is what you are looking for, but wanted to pass along the link - we sure did enjoy this bread.
:^) from breadsong

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Can't believe I forgot about such an excellent recipe on the site. Thanks for pointing it out breadsong!