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Cooks Illustrated iPhone app: please help get it on Android!

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Cooks Illustrated iPhone app: please help get it on Android!

Hi everyone, I've been trying to get people to help with this on another site. I thought other members here might also be interested. I hope that's okay.

Cooks Illustrated has a really cool free app for the iPhone, but has not (yet) provided an Android version. If you are an Android user who is also a fan of Cooks Illustrated / America's Test Kitchen, please send them an email asking for an Android version:


(This is their official email for the app and it's posted clearly on their website, so I'm not giving anything away by providing this.)

Here's the link to their app site, so you can see what's included. Like I said, it's pretty cool. I think it would be a great tool for the kitchen and for when you're shopping for groceries.


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I downloaded it to my iPad 2 then deleted it after discovering there's an annual fee of about $36 to use it. While I subscribe to "Cook's Illustrated," they still want more $$$ for the app.

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I'm really sorry, I hadn't looked at the comments at the iTunes store. You're very right, it isn't free after all.

Unfortunately, I can't edit my original post to reflect that. :(

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Is that I subscribe to CI, they are very proud of the fact that they do not accept items to test or run adds...i called them on it since they are essentially promoting the ipad with this app...we will see..i have a droid, sad to see prejudicial treatment. When i was reading the FAQ on the website for the apps it said it was free if you had a subscription (i know online it is NOT free if you have a subscription)..but i thought the online version and the app are too different things...are you sure the app isn't what you pay for and the content thereafter is free??



OOps..just is FREE if you have the online subscription but not the print subscription...hmmmm...still not happy with that answer...

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I subscribe to a number of their online editions and they still want more money for the apps. Makes me pretty mad. They already get $75 a year from me and it's still not enough? It wouldn't be such a big deal if their Web sites were more mobile friendly. The mobile (non-app) version of Cook's Illustrated is just a disgrace. Doesn't work at all. Not sure I'm going to renew next time around.

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Polish Babka

I have subscription to CI online and I had it bookmarked on my HTC phone.

Just a few weeks ago it converted to kind of app by itself. It looks exactly like the app on their web.

It's not in my apps but when I go to the browser, I log in to CI it opens as an app.

Maybe it's just the mobile version of the web but works pretty well. It doesn't have the shopping list tab though.


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Glad to see the mobile version works for you. It won't load properly on my Android device (Samsung Transform Ultra). I've tried it with the default Android browser and two flavors of Opera. In any case, the mobile version appears to be just a recipe site anyway, and not a digital edition of the magazine.