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Authentic Sticky Toffee Pudding

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Authentic Sticky Toffee Pudding

I am looking for an authentic british sticky toffee pudding recipe. I have looked online and found many similarities. Soaked dates, eggs flour, sugar. I have found that many people prefer using brown sugar or muscavado sugar (which must be more popular in europe). Then they all have a sort of carmel sauce. The puddings are baked and the sauce is sometimes poured over to let it soak in, and then a little more added to the plate when served. Do you use a water bath?

Does anyone have an authentic recipe (such as from there grandma from English/Europe)? Including the baking secrets to make it delicious? That would be greatly appreciated!



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Damp Patch

I'm afraid it's not my Grandma's recipe but I know for a fact that this recipe makes a fantastic sticky toffee pudding that isn't far off the one my Mum makes:

Best served with clotted cream!


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I have Stephanie Alexander's "the cook's companion" and always make her famous version. A quick google will take you to a number of blogs featuring her recipe, the following pdf simply provides the recipe. In the book Stephanie says:

This pudding has everything going for it: it is delicious, easy to make, requires no fancy equipment and everyone loves it.

So you see there really aren't any special secrets, but Stephanie's recipe is the real deal. Note the books says "Serves 8".

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I am assuming the treacle is like the U.S. Equivalent of molasses? That is what I have gathered from looking.