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Baking with Wheat & gluten free in the same kitchen ?

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Baking with Wheat & gluten free in the same kitchen ?

Is the risk of getting gluten in gluten free bread to great to mix & bake both in the same kitchen ? Some friends are asking me to add gluten free to my list but I don't want to unintentionally  make someone ill

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is Yes


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Inasmuch as I cook and bake for folks with special dietary needs, I certainly agree with Andy.  Celiac disease affects people in many ways.  Some are mildly sensitive, others are severely sensitive.  Those who are hyper-sensitive can become seriously ill with the most innocent exposure to gluten and it's not worth the risk to perform gluten-free/gluten-rich processes in the same facilities.

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Thanks for the input, I believe I'll let the specialty shops assume that piece of liability & stick to my old freind the wheat berry.


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If you are cooking for people with Celiac Disease, don't risk it. If it is for friends that are just doing gluten-free diets or have some gluten intolerance, it should be fine.

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You could experiment with recipes yourself and not serve them to your GF friends but give them the recipes to try in their own kitchens.  If it tastes good to you it will definately taste good to them.  If they don't bake you could offer to make the recipes for them in their home.

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I would ask your friends how sensitive they are.  The ones who get sick with the least bit of gluten will know it, as will those of us who can tolerate very small amounts of gluten.