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Heading to Europe...

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Heading to Europe...

I am planning a trip in June to several stops in Europe and would like and "Can't Miss" bakeries near my destinations.  We will be going for 2 weeks starting in London but mostly for a shorter cheaper flight.  After London we will move on to amsterdam then Belgium in Belgium we will mainly visiting Liege and the surrounding area.  After that we will move on to Normandy including 2 mights in Mont Ste Michel.  We will also be visiting the Loire Valley an then heading back to London to go home.\

I know Poilane is the "can't miss" in Paris but does anyone know anything in these smaller towns and areas.

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There's a Poilane bakery in London!  ...Lucky you! :o)

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Ottolenghi, an excellent bakery often described from Iban Yarza (el foro del pan,, both in spanish) where he's been working, is in London...check out on the web ....about Amsterdam: perhaps it would help if you google the page of: weekendbakery....they're dutch and  will be probably ready to let you know about....a long time ago they had published an article about the top five bakeries (not sure if in Amsterdam) they had visited and happy baking from Quito!

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Here's the link to the article on WeekendBakery BakinginQuito mentioned.

Have fun in Amsterdam!

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I can't remember the Bakery names anymore but in the Netherlands and Belgium you have to sample the various Speculaas ... aka windmill cookies to us. I was amazed at the variations and they were soooo good, especially with coffee ... dunked even better. I brought some home with me one time and got caught by the sniffer dogs in the airort. The agent apologized to me and the dog got repremanded for sniffing out the wrong thing ... but, aside from the handler, who could blame the dog.

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Juergen Krauss

go there: Neal's Yard Diary Their cheese is fantastic, and they know what they are selling. They also have artisan bread which is made around the corner by another Neals Yard company (Haven't tried it yet)

And for bread, Ben McKinnon might be interesting