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DIY Mustard - part II anyone have any recipes?

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DIY Mustard - part II anyone have any recipes?

I can surf the net, but anyone have any favorite mustard recipes? As in recipes for making mustard, not recipes with mustard in them.

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Hot Mustard OZ Grams
Amount to make in oz: 12.00 340.2
dry mustard 34.00% 4.08 115.7
water 30.00% 3.60 102.1
Vinegar 20.00% 2.40 68.0
Tumeric 0.25% 0.03 0.9
Paprika 0.25% 0.03 0.9
Salt 6.00% 0.72 20.4
White wine 9.50% 1.14 32.3
100.00% 12.00 340.2
Then add 2 tbs finely ground cream style horse radish
Dash of fresh ground black pepper
1/2 tsp garlic powder
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Mini Oven

Crush and grind the seeds or use mustard powder.  Add enough boiled water to make a paste on the bottom of a bowl.  Cover with cold water and slowly knead the mustard paste without dissolving it into the water.  Let stand and drain off the water.  Repeat several times.  This removes the aggressive acids known to take the skin off your chest caused by a mustard plaster.  Let stand to evaporate most of the water and then combine with your favorite vinegar, and spices, and some honey.

Use the microwave to cut corners.

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We've been buying mustard from them for years.  (They have about 500 different mustards at any one given time.)  Under "mustard making supplies" they have several different mustard seeds and flours.