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Here's a neat trick!

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Pioneer Foodie

Here's a neat trick!

While burning the oven today, the fire had a little trouble getting off to a good start.  I got out the shop-vac and configured it to blow instead of suck.  In no time at all I had a blast furnace!

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In a pinch you can always grab your can of air that you spray off your computer keyboard with and use that to blow air into your fire.  My husband does that with our BBQ grill briquettes.

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This may be a dangerous practice if someone confuses a compressed air can with a spray lubricant can for instance, or just about anything else in a spray can. Particularly if there are kids around who don't know the difference and want to help.

Just my 2 cents, but I wouldn't do it.

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I've used the battery-powered blower fan from a blow-up mattress. A bit gentler of a breeze than the shop vac.

Mattress blew out long ago, but I keep the blower around for just such use.

Pittsburgh, PA

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I use a 28" (or so) copper tube and human air power. Works pretty good.

Helps to be a blowhard:)