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Sourdough miche from Soluna Brot und Oel, Berlin

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Sourdough miche from Soluna Brot und Oel, Berlin

At the recommendation of a TFLer (CarlSF) I just visited Soluna Brot und Oel as part of my visit to Berlin.

Oh my goodness!!  The piece of miche I just bought there was possibly the best bread I have ever eaten in my life.  Incredibly sour and rich, with a dense but moist crumb and a good chewy crust.

I may have to make another visit for a full miche the morning I fly out.

Photos below:


That's the baker taking a break out the front.  The head baker, Peter Kahn, was out sick today (a wman behind the counter told me through the translation of another helpful customer).

The wood fired clay oven is right in front of you as you enter the store. If I had an oven this beautiful I'd showcase it too.  I wish I had been there early enough to see it in action.

My eye went straight to the sourdough miches on the top shelf.  Perhaps there's a german name for this, but it was not labelled on the shelf.

They see them in as large a chunk as you care to buy.  I only got a small chunk, as Im by myself the next few days.

Here's a crumb shot, together with the beer I enjoyed it with (along with some excellent cheese that Soluna also sells).


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Soluna Brot und Oel will be on my list for the coming July trip. Are you going to post more bakery later?



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It was already on my bakeries list for my April trip to Berlin! Thank you for the preview.


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Mini Oven


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But nobody there (at the time) spoke Englsh, and my German is extremely limited.  So I didn't get a clear answer.

I took it to have a little rye, but I wouldn't have said as much as 50%.  It was pretty solid, like it had mostly whole wheat with maybe up to 25% rye.

That's totally a guess, though.