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Hey, can anyone tell me about "ultra-grain?" At the Sam's here in Topeka, KS, they have unbleached flour - that excited me at first, and then I read further and it said something about new ultra-grain developed to make the same goodies, but with more nutritional value as a whole grain product - something like that.

What do you all know about it?


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I recently purchased some of the same flour from Sams. It is made by ConAgra. The "Ultragrain" is their trade name for a whole wheat flour milled from a high-protein, hard white wheat. The flour, then, is a blend of regular unbleached AP flour (about 70%) and the whole-wheat Ultragrain flour (about 30%). No bleach, no bromine, no malt, no additives of any kind. Plus, you get a bump in nutritional value from the inclusion of the whole wheat flour.

I have used it in two different bread recipes with good results. My sourdough starter seems happy to be fed with it, too. I hope they are still selling it when I need to get more.

Another poster was also pretty happy with it, as noted here:


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I bought some too and I love it.  Been using it for about a month now. :)  Highly reccomend it



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I also bought some a week ago and have to get more tomorrow, I give away a lot of bread and everyone has loved this more than the other WW I was making. Seems to make a much more tender loaf and has a nice taste to it. I have 6 loaves rising right now to give to the monastery here in town tomorrow. The price on it is good too, I think I paid around $4.00 for the 2 ten pound bags at Sams. I used to use their High Gluten Bread Flour but it has taken a dramatic rise in price over the past few months so I decided to try the ultra blend when I saw it there. mattie