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Where to ask q's about editing posts please

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Where to ask q's about editing posts please

Daisy A is trying to help me with my blog posts on The Fresh Loaf.   I am obviously missing something or doing something wrong because when I try to edit a post, I only get the options to 'Save' or 'Preview' when in the Edit screen.   Daisy A gets a 'Delete' option.  We've compared screen grabs and she sees something I don't.  Is there a simple explanation or could someone kindly point me to where I might find the answer.  I don't understand how one edits or amends a post here, let alone deletes it. Is there a guide for idiots to writing posts on this forum somewhere?

many thanks for any help,



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Once someone replies to you, some of the options disappear, so you will not be able to go back and edit or delete the post.  That is a feature of the software I use and is meant to keep conversions honest and moving forward.

If you have a particular post you need edited or deleted, PM me and I can help.  If you just have a clarification though I'd suggest just adding a comment to your own thread.


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Hi. I am a new here. I joined up with the wrong username. How to change name, please?

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Floyd's email address is all the way at the bottom of this page, contact him.