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The Wedge Community Coop Bakery, Minneapolis, MN

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The Wedge Community Coop Bakery, Minneapolis, MN

The Wedge Community Coop, 2105 Lyndale Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN  55405,

The Wedge has been a source of organic and natural foods for over 30 years.  Though located in a busy part of Minneapolis' Uptown area - an intersection of residential neighborhoods, small businesses and cultural organizations - many customers travel dozens of miles for its products and educational resources.  It's a great place to visit.  True to its mission, The Wedge is one of the most, if not the most, profitable food coops in the nation, as well as a maker of great artisan bread.

From its website: "...from its grand opening in September 2001, The Wedge Bakery has been showing off its considerable creativity in the art of breadmaking. Head Baker Tony Montana and his staff of magicians have created a cornucopia of artisan breads, European-style pastries, rolls, pizza crusts, and sliced sandwich breads. Writer Rick Nelson of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune says, "These first-rate breads and pastries stack up with the very best stuff coming out of the ovens of other top Twin Cities breadmakers."

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We're in Ohio but have a daughter in Minneapolis who takes us to The Wedge when we come to town. We love it but then we love lots of things about Minneapolis. The whole downtown area is great from the bookstores to the coffee houses to the antiques stores. We're going for a visit as soon as the weather is better and I'll be going to The Wedge. Wish it was in my neighborhood. weavershouse

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A Toast to Bread in St. Paul has very good bread.

705 3RD St E
St Paul, MN 55106-5103
Phone: (651) 778-9401

(Reviews: ; )

Not sure if they still have the same menu as years before, but their Olive bread, Honey Whole Wheat, and Tomato are some of my favorites from long ago. Their individual-size focaccia with garlic and tomato toppings, especially if fresh from the oven, are seriously addictive--but that bread sells out very early in the day. Their French breads (including the basil, dill and whole wheat varieties) are also very good. Although I personally was not a fan of this particular bread, their Italian Garlic and Cheese was one of their most popular breads  around the time I worked for them.

Merv Hough, the owner and head baker, also makes some killer Caramel rolls, oatmeal raisin cookies, and croissants with different fillings (peach and cinnamon are best). 

A Toast to Bread breads are sold at some upscale grocery stores in the Twin Cities, and at the farmer's market in St. Paul.