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Taking a trip

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Faith in Virginia

Taking a trip

Hello all,

To make a long story short I was invited to my sisters for Christmas.  I would normally fly but the airfare is huge for this thrifty person so I've decided to drive.  I'm starting in South West Virginia and traveling to Burlington Vermont.  Now I have this bad habit in my travels to fill the tank drive till it's empty and while I'm getting fuel use the restroom and gather enough sustenance to get me through the next tank of fuel then drive till I get there. This is not fun but gets the job done.  I would like to change this habit but I really suck at cooling my jets and finding places of interest along the way. So this is my question. Do you know of any impressive bakeries big or small that would be worth the time to divert my trajectory for?  I would normally run the 14 hours straight but I don't mind breaking it up through a couple of days. So I would like to have some fun eat good food and have a small adventure along the way so running out of the was is not a problem.  So if you have traveled this corridor or live along the way I am open to all suggestions.   Yes King Arthur is on my list  if you can consider one place a list.  Thanks for your help.


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The New England Culinary Institute in Montpelier runs several restaurants, among them "La Brioche". They have wonderful pastry - my daughter studied there - and I envied her being trained by a French pastry chef.

Montpelier is not far from Burlington - NECI used to have a campus in Burlington, too. We visited several times and loved it.

Here is a link

Have a nice trip,


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Faith in Virginia

Ok that is an official list now... 2 places to check out.  I have to drive through Montpelier to visit my other sister.

Thank you Karin

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We'll be in D.C. this weekend.  Any must-see bakeries there?