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Bread People

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Bread People

If you want a laugh today, check out Bread People. A sample:

Like many internet memes, my second reaction (after laughing) is "Man, someone has way too much time on their hands."  I'm glad they do though, because some of them are hilarious.  "Bun Jovi" and "Joseph Stollen" are my favorite so far.

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wow, talk about a niche audience. After the second page I kept reading just to see how many pages there could be. SIX, there are six pages of celebrity bread puns...  just wow.

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Pumpernickelas Cage were my picks.

How do you find these things, Floyd?

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Clint Yeastwood. lol

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Mini Oven


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You'll never know how much I needed that.  Thanks!

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Thanks, Floyd.  It made my day.