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home bakery

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home bakery

I am trying to slightly modify my garage to do some home business baking. Currently I am baking desserts and cakes from my kitchen, but word-of-mouth business has picked up to the extent that I cannot keep up with just one oven. My idea is to install a convection oven in my garage. I initially looked at commercial convection ovens, but soon found out that my home owners insurance would not allow this.

Now I am looking at installing a double wall oven residential convection unit. I need to know which oven would suit my needs. I need one that is a true convection vice one with exposed elements and a blower fan. I've read about the Dacor ovens, but these are very costly. I'm looking in the $2800 to $3600 price ranges. I 've looked at Lowes and they have an Electrolux, and a Bosch unit. If anyone has any first hand knowledge or suggestions on residential convection ovens or how to convert my garage, I would greatly appreciate it.




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I grew up in up-state SC - a small twon named Lancaster just about 40 due south of Charlotte, NC.  I live in Raleigh, NC now.  I too thought of converting my garage into a small bakery area. 

In Raleigh, NC where I live in the city limits the zoning laws are such that I can convert up to 25% of my house to a home-run business such as a bakery - the hitch with using a "garage" even when attached to the house is that it is NOT considered to be part of my house.  The City of Raleigh define house to be "heated" (i.e. taxed) square footage. Bottom line, in Raleigh I would not be allowed to use my garage as a bakery area - it would not pass zoning laws and could not be licenced.

The zoning regulations may be different in SC, but you should check - hopefully you have - before proceeding to far.  Don't want to seem negative - sounds like you must be a great baker for your business to be growing like it is.  Wish you the best and will look forward to hearing how you progress.