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Bernard Clayton's books, any crossover recipes?

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Bernard Clayton's books, any crossover recipes?


This summer I discovered Bernard Clayton's book, The Breads of France and How To Make Them in my library system. I had a great time with the recipes,wanted to buy myself a copy but found that it's out of print. Amazon had some Marketplace copies, but all from dubious vendors. Yesterday I discovered I failed to copy his Pain Ordinaire recipe, which I need to make another Pain Ordinare recipe, "Pain Ordinaire de M. Gautier", from that book.

When I checked my library's online catalogue, it was gone. They removed it from circulation and sold it as a used book! After a good 2 hours of swearing (and wishing I had found it for sale at the library!), I ordered his book, Bernard Clayton's New Complete Book of Bread from Amazon hoping that many, if not all his recipes form that book would be in there. Can anyone who has those books tell me if there is any crossover in the recipes?

Thanks so much!

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I have the Bernard Clayton's New Complete Book of Breads and it does have a section on French and Italian Breads. There is one called Pain Ordinaire Careme.Is that the one you're looking for?

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Thanks for the response!

I think that may be the one. I remember thinking, "I have recipes for Pain Ordinare, I don't think I need another one." not realizing that it was the basis for a different recipe.

I hate my library.

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The recipe that you are referring to *is* Pain Ordinaire Careme (pages 180-182). I did a quick Google and found this recipe and compared it against my book. It is the same ingredients and amounts as in the book:

Exception: the book calls for cold water and this recipe says hot water. All other ingredients and amounts are the same.

I didn't go through the method as that's a bit more involved reading.

By the way, I picked this book up last year at our library's book sale. You're not in Medway, MA by any chance, are you? :)



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No, I'm in Mississauga, Ontario. :)

Okay, so I'll be covered when the book is delivered in the next few days. YAY!!

I'm still upset that the library system removed it, though. It was in great condition, there were people using it, and it was out of print. I'm hoping all his recipes from that book are in the new one, if not I guess I'll be making a trip to Medway, Mass. :D

Thank you for the help!!

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Have you ever tried

and about shipping to Canada:


Now, I lived in Waterloo, ON for two years and realize the HORRIBLE duties/fees that get added for imports, so have you tried Keep your eye out there too, and there's always craigslist, being in a burb of Toronto, you might get lucky there.

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I'm thinking of ordering it off Amazon's marketplace (there seems to be a better vendor offering it up) and having it sent to my family in NY to avoid the weird import and shipping fees. I removed all my paypal and ebay account - I got fed up with buying from crazy buyers and selling to people who think I control Canada Post. I'm going to keep my eyes open at the used bookstores, and my Mom likes a quest. :D

I have photocopies for now, and as the book I ordered yesterday arrived today, I'm going through it and choosing what to make - spoiled for choice. :)

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While they are a subsidiary of ebay, you do not  need to use paypal. It's basically an online HUGE used bookstore and is extremely well regarded. You can get the book way cheaper through them than the amazon marketplace I think I see. 

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