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TV series - Great for Wood Fire Oven enthusiast or just cooks/bakers in general

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TV series - Great for Wood Fire Oven enthusiast or just cooks/bakers in general

I have been watching/recording 'Jamie At Home' on the cooking chanel 232.  I have been enjoying his show so much, I can't wait for the next one.  I thought if anyone hasn't seen it they might enjoy catching the series.  It features Jamie doing a lot of cooking and baking indoors and outdoors, at home in his gorgeous wfo and garden surrounding.  I think his home is just enchanting.  He cooks all sorts of goodies in his wfo.  His ingredients are glowing with freshness.  Yesterday, he made a fabulous pizza from scratch.  Loved the way he made the crust.  He believes like most, the crust and sauce are the 2 first most important ingredients.  I enjoy this show so much and thought others might too.  He has a show coming on today at 3pm PT ch.232.  Martha Stewart has him also in her issue this month. 


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Foodcrafters has been another good one. I usually have to just record it, but its been something I can watch.

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I have been watching Jamie for a while on UK tv and his wfo has really got my jealousy gland working overtime!  In the UK we used to see a tv advert fronted by Victor Kiam who used to say that he liked the shaver so much he bought the company (Remington).

Well, Jamie obviously took a leaf out of his book: so now we in the UK can cook our Jamie Oliver recipe using Jamie Oliver cookware in a Jamie Oliver wfo!!!

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I have (and love!) the book "Jamie at home" - it's a gorgeous book and the recipes are fabulous.

I wish I could see that show! (I'm in Holland). Will it be published on DVD, do you think?