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Well, I'm back to revisiting going gluten free, but are there cookbooks?

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Well, I'm back to revisiting going gluten free, but are there cookbooks?

While surfing the net is great and I do it often for recipes, I prefer grabbing a book and leafing through the pages to find what I want. Even stuff I print out from the web, I put in a book. So, there HAS to be gluten free cookbooks, I'm especially interested in breads - quick and yeasted. It does not need to be egg free - just because someone wants gluten out (and perhaps dairy) does not mean EVERYTHING has to be out (like eggs).


Anyone try any cookbook? I see tons of posts on gluten free, but just pointing to various recipes and websites for recipes.


I just found this one - I might give it a whirl. Anyone try bread recipes from it?

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They have a chapter on gluten free.

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My daughter has celiac and so I have been collecting and experimenting with gluten-free recipes. These books are good especially The Wheat Free Cook


The Wheat Free Cook by Jacqueline Mallorca published by Harper-Collins eBooks

1000 Gluten free recipes by Carol Fenster, PhD. published by Wiley

The Fenster book calls for using her flour blend in most recipes which, if you mix ahead of time is no big deal. The other book lists the ingredients separately and so is a little easier to use. I have made bread and other recipes from both with success. 


Hope this helps,

David from