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AB&P Brioche Help

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AB&P Brioche Help


This weekend I decided to try some AB&P Brioche. I have made Brioche from Tartine before, and assumed this would be fairly easy, as it appeared to be less labour intensive. So I mixed the dough last night, put it in the fridge and shaped around 11 o'clock this morning. The only problem is, they have risen just barely or not at all. I am making 1 loaf in a standard size pan with 2 lb. of dough. Should I let this keep rising? Criticism is accepted!


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jrudnik (not verified)

Well it ended up being 11 o'clock last night, but the loaf finally did rise enough to get baked in the oven. Not too much spring, but it brought decent height to the dough. So very rich for breakfast before swim practice this morning, it practically melted in the toaster! That'll teach me to use dry active when it calls for osmotolerant! So much for a late brioche breakfast!