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Tartine Bread book -- a video featuring Chad Robertson

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Tartine Bread book -- a video featuring Chad Robertson

Hi all, 

One of the books I am most anticipating this year is Chad Robertson's "Tartine Bread". 

Chronicle Books, the publisher, have posted a youtube video about Chad and the test bakers for the book. It is a lovely video, featuring some pictures of the breads and the baking process, and it is really a joy to watch. The music for the video was provided by one of test bakers, which I found really nice. 

Anyhow, you can find the video here


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Boaz,  Thanks for posting the video.  It is a great overview of the baker and his work and his friends.  I look forward to the release of the book.



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Gorgeous pages. I'm getting it on Amazon - cheaper than the $40 I saw at Williams-Sonoma.

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I've just ordered the Tartine Bread Book from The Good Cook for $11 and free shipping.  The free shipping was offered only for 24 hours but still a good buy even if you pay shipping.   If you're not already a book club member - a better deal yet!  New members can order 4 books (I think 4) for around $1 each and you pay shipping.  I'm not promoting the book club but have found the club to be one of the better sources (& also Amazon) to purchase books inexpensively.