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My Oven pictures almost finished

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My Oven pictures almost finished

Here is a picture of my oven almost completed all I have left to do is seal the top and add a roof.  i wanted to add more but the uploader was crapping out on me I'll post more soon




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Very nice looking oven.  Love the brick work did youdo that yourself?

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I did everything but the outside brick work,I got a guy who came highly recommended, $750.00 and no headaches

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Wow, that's a mighty fine looking oven.  Your bricklayer was worth every penny.

Looking forward to seeing the results of your first bakes.

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Faith in Virginia

So very nice...I like the wood on wheels underneath.  That is a cool idea.  You give me inspiration to finish mine. let us know how the first firing and baking goes.

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Great job Cliff! All who enter your back yard will be impressed, no pizza would dare be anything but great coming from that oven. Next time I'm in SC I'll try to invite myself to one of your pizza partys.

Thanks again for showing me around.

Ohio Charlie