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mud insulation

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mud insulation

i have some cracks that opened up in my sawdust-clay insulation about a 1/4" wide that do not close up when my oven cools down, should i  fill them in ?

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The final layer of sawdust-clay insulation is drying on my oven right now.  I see cracks developing -- this has happened with previous layers as well.  I assume that cracking is inevitable and I also assume that there's no reason not to patch these cracks, as they will obviously release heat from the oven.  

My final layer on this oven will be about an inch of lime plaster, the traditional old-fashioned type.  A friend is plastering his house with this and has offered to provide enough for the oven.

I'm curious about your insulation mix.  What type of sawdust did you use?  Mine is cedar, from a portable sawmill.  I soaked the sawdust in water for two days, then mixed about 3 parts of sawdust to one part of clay.  We put it on about 3 inches thick.