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Paris, Nice bread stops worth noting?

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Paris, Nice bread stops worth noting?

Headed to France in a couple of weeks with some time in Nice and then Paris.

I'm interested in adding some breadmaker's tour of France flavor to this and have planned, thanks to this site, on a number of bakery visits in Paris.

How about shops where you buy baking equipment? or other related shops?

I have Dellerin (sp?) on my list but what else might i find?

Anything in Nice I should look for?




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His website probably has some of this information you desire. I loaned my book "The Sweet life in Paris" out so I can't reference it. His website is a treasure anyway. Have a wonderful time! Andrea

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David Lebovitz's book is a delight to read and filled with terrific recipes too.  I've subscribed to his newsletter via the web site and it's always entertaining.  A must if you're going to France.