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Now Building The Cob Oven

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Pop N Fresh

Now Building The Cob Oven

Hi Folks,

I am in the process of building a Cob Oven. 

Completed are the following:

  • 6' X 6' Platform topped with Duarock
  • 4' X 4' X 15" Brick Sub-floor (bottom 8" filled with beer bottle/perlite & insulation mud), next 6" filled with crushed rock paver underlayment, 1" or so all purpose sand.
  • It took me three days and a lot of adjusting to be happy with the 52 floor fire bricks!
  • A skirt of 9 fire bricks now hugs the outer edges of the floor.
  • And two Cob walls (right & left sides) 6" thick, 20" high and 4' long

I primise, the pictures will follow very soon.

I was wondering if there are any of you out there in Breadland that would be willing and able to give me a hand with this Dirty, Fun and Tasty project?  I live just northeast of Baltimore. I will be working the oven all next week

As a Professional Chef, I can promise you will not go hungry while your here!

All The Best,



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Hi Robert,

I would come help but the commute is a bit of an obstacle...

I am 1.5 hrs. north of Miami, Fl on the Atlantic coast... I look forward to your photos. Good luck,


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