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New grandson

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New grandson

I am a new grandfather who bakes regularly. I'm interested in any recipes for Zweiback-like crackers or anything else that would help with teething.

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Mini Oven

for our teethers.  (If there are any around, otherwise we fight each other for them.) 

So that the edge is not sharp and cutting, the cut edge is rounded and the bread is at least several days old and not too soft.  Helps to let it dry for a few hours too.  As with all teethers, don't ever leave them alone as they chew in case they manage to sog off a big chunk.   The heavier chewier breads are good for teething.  Good for the dogs too that pick up the rest.

No need to make sweet breads like zwieback, those are reserved for expectant moms that can't keep their food down or flu victims.  Get them started right leaving the sugar out of the recipe. 

Mini O

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Would biscotti serve your purpose?  My wife makes a sugar free biscotti (you may want to add sugar  -  ) that's really quite good.

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Mini Oven

There is an evaluation going on...  I can just see it.

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Crust thin and crunchy..

Crumb open and moist, good scoring, could have used 30 more minutes in bulk ferment..

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...have a "Caption this picture" thread started!

David G

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[Zwieback is almost certainly Dutch, not German(???)] Still, it's a nice recipe...

KAF has one, too. They're highly trusted around here, I believe...TRY:

Congratulations, grandpa!