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Quick sandwich buns

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Quick sandwich buns

Although I had an operation two days ago, I just couldn't help my self from making some bread buns and pizza. Ididn't haver photos for the pizza but here comes the bread buns recipe and photos.


3 cups AP Flour

1 tbsp instant yeast

1 tsp flour enhancer (optional)

0.5 cup butter milk

2 tbsp butter

1 egg

1 tsp salt

4 tbsp sugar


1 egg beaten with 1 tbsp cream


With your hands or a bread machine combine all the dough engredients and knead for ten minuits until soft and make sure it is not very sticky.


lets it be 2.5 times its volume. cut and shape it in a well oiled pan.


let it double in size.


wash and sprinkle sesame on it. press gently the sesame to stick.


bake on 200 degrees celcius for about 30 minuits until brown then put it on the rack in thew oven for 5 to 20 minituis more.


make sure the oven is pre heated well before placing the dough in it.


good luck



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Doc Tracy

I had the same idea-do a bunch of buns and pizza dough. I want to stick a bunch in the freezer for easy meals. I just love having stuff like that on hand to keep us from going to fast food when we have late nights, which is about 4 nights a week right now.

Get home from class at 10pm, thaw some hamburger meat in the microwave, throw it on the grill with the frozen buns and instant fast food. Much better than store bought with fresh from the garden whatever is in season.

Pizza dough I can take out before class, let it thaw and bake a pizza when I get home. Just keep some shredded cheese and fixings on hand so that it's easy. Grab some herbs and green onions/peppers from the garden.


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I did not see what leaven you used for the rolls.  They look great, but there MUST have been a leaven there somewhere.


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1 tbsp instant yeast :)

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beautiful buns!

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you said "bake on 200 degrees celcius for about 30 minuits until brown then put it on the rack in thew oven for 5 to 20 minituis more"

So for 30 minutes the buns cook on a pan or sheet but are taken off the pan and placed directly on the oven rack for 5-20 minutes more baking.  Is that correct?

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Yep. Thats right.

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Good looking product. Well done!


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Actually I want to change something in this recipe. I think butter milk and eggs in the same time is too heavy. Replace the Butter milk by regular milk. 


Good luck