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bakery rack oven

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bakery rack oven

any body heard of omega ,yart or omj  bakery oven?

if they are good quality.

im looking for bakery rack oven with steam injection.

i'll mainly  use for french stick .

any good oven?

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Hi Babs,

I wouldn't recommend any rack oven.  I would not want to bake baguettes without a large element of conduction.   Granted the rack oven is great for steam; but they don't bake bread the way I like; part of the death of the small-scale UK baking industry I'm afraid.

Best wishes


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Gas & electric ovens both bake well.


Rack oven vs deck, both with steam yield good bakes with a different bottom crust.  The deck, or hearth oven will have a thicker, slightly harder bottom crust than the rack oven.  Rack ovens are usually convection where deck ovens usually are not.

One isn't better than the other, but are just different.  It's usually the bakers preference as to which oven they like better.

Deck ovens often require more labor to load/unload, racks oven less.

Large scale deck oven require more labor to install.

Racks oven definately less.