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BBQ to Brick Oven...

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BBQ to Brick Oven...

Hi everyone :)

A couple of days ago I decided to try and bake my pizza dough in the bbq by placing my pizza stone on the grill, letting it heat up and then placed my pizza on the stone and let it bake. (And yes, the bbq has a cover ). Unfortunately the temperature gage is broken so I had to guess the temperature and how long to let it bake. I let it bake about 8 minutes and to my surprise it worked amazingly well...except for one thing...most of the bottom part of the pizza was burnt, but the top was perfect. The parts that were not burnt on the bottom tasted amazing. Is there anyway to prevent the bottom from burning before the top is done? Should I try rotating the pizza half way through, or putting something on the stone?



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"Suspend" your pizza stone above a heat barrier.  Get some clay tiles at a garden shop...

Use something like like 3/4" brass pipe elbows as "legs", and put your pizza stone on top of these.  This will keep the direct heat off of the bottom of your stone, and suspend the stone and the "bread" in the center of the dome heat.

~ B


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Awesome thanks!

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Hope you don't mind mentioning but do you know the pizzahacker? Google it you might be surprised. He uses an old Weber to bake his pizza's. If anything has some info on his oven please let me know looks very cool. He calls it the Frankenweber.

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would you need to elevate the stone on a gas grill?

thanks, claudia