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Table top OTG

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Table top OTG

In India OTGs are now stepped in. Morphy Richards bring out lot of table top & box type OTGs here.

I got one table top make 40 liter capacity. 2000Watts-2 heatting coils. Can anyone guide me how best I

can use this model to bake cakes, pizza & biscuits (cookies)?


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I've never seen two OTG's (Oven Toaster Grills) that perform quite the same way.  40 liter capacity is a very nice size, and 2000 watts is about all a typical 115 volt residential kitchen outlet in the US could handle so I think you've got a good chance of making that oven work for baking.  My first suggestion would be to obtain a very good oven thermometer to check your true oven temperatures and compare them with the oven's adjustment knob settings and mark the knob (or make careful notes on the true settings) so that you know exactly what your baked goods are experiencing while loaded in the oven.  IMO, the best way to use this type of oven is to simply replicate the procedures you'd use for any electric range oven.  You're probably not going to get a baking stone in your OTG but you can use the back of a suitable baking sheet, perhaps with a layer of parchment paper.  Your OTG may bake slightly faster than a large standard oven so watch the baking times and browing characteristics closely until you become totally familiar with the appliance.

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DeLonghi makes an baking stone for a toaster oven.

If that doesn't work try some tiles.


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Dear Flourn & Linda,

Thanks for ur reply.